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Have the name of your frame builder on his handcrafted piece.

Pricelist 2011/2012

Marschall-M-style drop outs

What a nice piece of handpolished staainless steel my new drop out is! Available for all kinds of frames, from MTB (incl. disc), Road, Trekking.

Marschall goes 29er

More and more 29er bikes find their way into the European bikeshops. The advantanges of those rides have been published in many magazines in the last two years. After a first spin with my prototype bike, I totally confirm the impressions of the editors. It´s a fast but safe ride since the larger wheels easily run over obstacles and allow a real quick ride. This bike #1 is now available for your personal test ride!

Ocaasion: MTB Tandem Bicycle (used). For details, please drop me a line.

The second frame of this years production makes his owner happy. Please read his email:

Dear Uwe.
Thank you so much for your time and advise - these efforts were well spent. I´ve finalized the built-up this weekend and found time to take a spin. This beauty is fast. It exceeds my expectations by far.

Thanks again and all the best for 2011


Get this: Marschall offers straight forks for roadbikes. These beauties combine elegant looks with stablity and comfort.

New: Excenter bottom bracket for Singlespeed and Rohloff hubs optional for your Marschall frame

Effective today, we offer the stunning colors from the US company "House of Kolor"

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