Noblex Stainless Steel

The stainless steel material our frames are made of is specified as 1.4301 or X 5 CrNi 1810. Percentage of the different elements of the Noblex alloy is as follows:

C Carbon < 0,7%
SI Silicon < 1,00%
Mn Mangan < 2,00%
P Phosphor < 0,045%
S Sulphur < 0,03%
Cr Chrome 17-19%
Ni Nickel 8,5-10,5%

The high percentage of Chrome and Nickel ensures a high anti-corrosion stability of Noblex stainless steel. Rust at scratches in the paint or corrosion inside the tubes are thus prevented effectively. The frame can contain its stability for a long time to come.

 Mechanichal values
The tensile strength of the Noblex tubes exceeds 1000N/mm2. Breaking elogation of the tubes is 10% (results of laboratory tests made by the tube manufacturer). Yield strength is about 10% below tensile strength.

 Environmentally friendly material
Stainless steel frames are far more eco-friendly than frames made of e.g. aluminum or carbon

  • less energy consumption in the extraction process
  • clean handling when storing stainless steel tubes, no solvents needed to degrease the tubes
  • less energy consumption in the production process: low melting temperature (<700°C) of the cadmium-free silver solder used for brazing the frame
  • no toxic substances needed for anti-corrosion protection (e.g. no acid baths, no chrome coating of frame, chainstays or dropouts)
  • protection of natural resources as a result of the long "life" of the frames due to high durability and anti-corrosion stability
  • stainless steel is 100% recyclable