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Why Stainless Steel?

Marschall Framework handcrafts custom frames as well as frames in standard sizes. Both have a right to exist. Standard geometries are of interest to those, how feel comfortable with the generally used tube lengths and angles. Custom made frames provide tangible added value. Besides a huge chunk of individuality, they are a perfect match to your very personal demands. These demands have their roots in your individual biological characteristics such as leg length, flexability and the overall physique. Beside this, custom made frames offer a great variety of options, beginning with fender mounts and ending with a special bottom bracket for singlespeed or Rohloff Speedhubs.

Quite natural, the finish answers the riders ideas. Glossy wet paint or a naked stainless steel - a reliable and perfectly realized finish, done with the utmost commitment, is the icing on the cake. You can choose almost all colours, from standard RAL to the supreme House of Kolor products. Order your frame single coloured or make it a psychodelic daydream. Ask for a classic band or let your name be embossed on the top tube. Your fantasy sets the boundary!

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