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"Clunker Bikes" - the name of the first Mountain Bikes, born in Marin, USA. The bikes Joe Breeze and his trailblazing buddies rode, are technically outdated to the greatest extend. Except for the reliable steel frames. Although Marschall frames are far superior to the mild steel tubes used in the pioneering days of mountain biking.

Who wants to be really fast on the trails must focus and lead all his power into the pedals. Without any waste of energy for absorbing permanent vibrations. Ultra-stiff carbon or alloy frames are not the road to long and fast rides on a Hardtail. Remember: tailormade frames, optimized for your suspension fork, allow many hours of doing it in the dirt. With a smile on your face! Keep in mind to double check the price/value ratio when you plan to purchase a new toy. Marschall frames are priced competitevly - without cropping performance or production quality. Ask yourself what counts.

Our Passion

MTB Hardtail:
Frame and forks are polished stainless steel, brazed with lugs.

11/8" for non-integrated Ahead-headset.

Geometries optional for suspension or rigid forks.

Cantilever or disc brake mounting.

Optional with excenter BB for Rohloff Speedhubs or Singlespeed