Big John cranks

In more than two decades of frame-building, we learned a lot about our customers` demands regarding frame geometry; their likes and dislikes. Interesting enough, one single parameter always was underestimated: the length of the crank. The purpose of a tailormade frame is to support your riding activities. Let your endurance set the limits and not an uncomfortable bike that does not fit properly. And here we are: the cranks are the coupling between your legs and the drivetrain. Why do you want to loose energy? Why do you needlessly challenge your knees and muscles? Because the industry offers only three crank lengths (170, 172,5 and 175mm)? Try to see the whole picture and follow Uwe┬┤s holistic approach of effortless riding. Check out Big John.

With Big John, you can utilize your power and motivation to the Max. Why? Because you have an optimal flux of energy, from your body to the sprocket. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to put your physical body preconditions into consideration. And these are the lengths of upper and lower leg. As well as foot size. Why? Because you better make use of your natural leverage ratio than working agaist it. Your body will be thankful from the very first revolution on. Big John is available from 150 - 220mm but only in bundle with a Marschall frame. Reason: frames in stadard sizes have the bottom bracket too low for cranks in such length.

Our Passion

Technical details
Made of forged 7075 alloy.
Fits square tapered BB (JIS Standard).
Individual lengths from 150 - 220mm
Matte anodized in 12 different colours.